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The history of the newspaper

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As today, information was important for people in the past. They could spread news even though there was not printing machine, radio and TV transmiiter like today. Printing machines were invented in 1950. Before that news was spread verbally or written letters. In the past people of Rome had a good way for circulating written news. Their first written news was called Acta Diurna or daily events. It was posted by government in the public place.

In the past, the government of china produced news sheet, called Tipao. It was only circulated among court officials during Han Dynasty. At same point during the Tang Dynasty, carved wooden block were used to print Tipao. It was the first printed newspaper in history.

A newspaper with regular schedule was first publised in Venice, italy, in 16th century.
The newspaper was called AVISI or GAZETTES. It was publised weekly and it reported news from other parts or Italy and Europe brought to Venice by traders. The first printed newspaper in England was publised in 1621.

English newspapers, we different from the other first newspaper. They were among the first in the world to use headlines to attract readers and pictures to illustrate stories. English newspaper also set new business standards. They hired reporters, printed advertisement, and paid young people to sell papers in the streets.
Newspaper has a long history. It will continue to be a good media spread information.
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