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The Rhinoceros

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Animals are almost extinct if their number is getting smaller. It means more animals become rare. One of the rape animals is Rhinoceros.
Rhinoceros is a large heavy mammal with a thick skin. The word rhinoceros is derived from Greek, Rhino means nose and Ceros means horns. Some rhinoceros have two horns and others have one horn. These horns are not part of the body structure of the head. They don't have any bony core. They are out growth of the skin.
Rhinoceros are herbivorous. They eat plant, they live in grassy areas or in a jungle. Rhinoceros spend most of their time in water. They usually live alone, except during the breeding season. One of these rare rhinoceros in the javan rhinoceros. The javan rhinoceros, the sondaicus, is comparatively small and slender. It's about 1,7 metres high. The males have a single horn up to 10 inches(25 feet) length. And the females are usuall hornless.
Formerly the javan rhinoceros live in Myanmar, Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, Java and Sumatera. They are now relatively scarce. People hunted them for their horns. We only find them in Ujung Kulon, west java now. If we don't want the javan rhinoceroses to be extint, we must protect them, we must preserve their habitat. The law prohibits hunters to hunt them.
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