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Clean Snotty When Cold Without Medicines

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Did you have problem with your nose? The problems that usually happen with nose is allergy and weather, the symptom that may be happens were so much, some of them were cold and so annoy of activities. Cold can make our nose dirty and gagged breathing. 

When you cold and usually snotty, you will be suffer and wretchedness and people just take easy way to fix it with swallow the medicines. Have you ever think? Swallow the medicines usually have side effects,  feel sleepy and other that annoyance with our body, the least cure illness that no seriously without medicines and naturally.  


The simple way to clean snotty when cold without medicines, it’s very easy with take clean water inhale it and just lower of your nose and don’t so deep. Again until your nose feel better than before, but be carefully when you inhale so deep then your nose will be pain. To keep your nose clean and infected allergy, keep clean around of you stay and keep warm if you allergy with some conditions of weather. Love your body and keep health.

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